Be honest, be afraid, only you can judge yourself (metatron_lvr) wrote in toxxic_graphics,
Be honest, be afraid, only you can judge yourself

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Harry Potter

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Taking #6. You rule, by the way.
Okay, 3 and 4 are brilliant. I would love to see #4 with out the last panel though. *giggles*
omg, I LOVE #4. Gosh how freakin funny!
I took 3,4 & 6 cause you rock!
These are so funny. Snagged 2. Will credit when used.
took five and six: will credit
took 2,3,4 and 5! OMG you make me laugh.
#4 made my day....stole it lol
I love you.
ahaha, #4 makes me much happier than it probably should. i'm also snagging #3, because it makes me giggle.
So, um, you've got to do icons of the new GoF pics. haha. ♥
yes I've been thinking about that, damn shouldve saved them from that ONTD post.
I will get you the images. You haaveee to do a set.
ahdshajdaks omg number four is... I don't even know. wonderful. sooo saving it.
#3 and #6 are killing me. Great work. ;)
I love your icon :D
Oh god. I'm taking #3 and the Cosby one. I can't stop laughing at it.
OH, I LOVE FOUR! I will credit when used!
taking lots :D
Gah, 4 is sooo funny! Snagging, will credit.
Snagging 4. Thanks!
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