Be honest, be afraid, only you can judge yourself (metatron_lvr) wrote in toxxic_graphics,
Be honest, be afraid, only you can judge yourself

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Harry Potter

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I'm taking number four, I love it.

Though you misspelled Severus Snape, you have an extra R in there.
woops. I just call him Snape all the time.
the cosby one made me laugh.
Snagged number six. Friggin' hilarious. XD
Haha, now *this* is my kind of humour. Taking 3,4,6... and who can resist the Cosby one? I can't, so I'm taking it too!
haha love them all made me laugh
taking cosby, brilliant
I'm sooo snagging #4. Do you mind if I use it in my greatestjournal? I'll of course still credit you.
go for it.
taking 6. it made me laugh so much. will credit. thanks
Snagging #3 & #4!
took the part icon and will credit.
#4 is hilarious.

#3 made me laugh and teary eyed

And I love #4!!

bwahaha love #4! nabbing.
So hilarious. You must let me have 3, 4 and 5. *grabs*
...Thank yah!

Deleted comment

oo baby who doesn't?
LOL. Especially at 5 (he was such a cute kid! Now...*screams* The hair! The neck! The still terribly inept acting!)
taken number 2 and 3
oh crikey, how freaking funny. all of them. I'm taking all of them. thank you.
2, 6, without-John, omfg these are hilarious
Ahahaha. I fucking love these. Taking a couple. :)
Snagging some. :D
Number four owns my SOUL. Anchorman and HP together is a wonderful thing.
I'm probably gonna make some "i'll punch you in the ovaries" and I pooped a hammer ones too.
Omg, I love #6! I'm taking it and will credit when used. :)
Funny. :D Taking #3.
those are all hilarious.

however harry never stopped being cute. unless you want to count when he switched over from 'cute' to 'drool-inducing hott'.
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